Will Castle – Vice President/Managing Partner

Will Castle joined Apache as VP and managing partner in 2008. Prior to that he spent 13 years as a partner of Amerex Energy Inc., a global leader in institutional energy brokerage, in Houston, TX. His experience includes trading Crude Oil, Refined Products, Natural Gas and Electricity. He currently resides in Boston, MA. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. “Our leadership team at Apache is made up of outstanding professionals who are passionate about what they do. Our culture is dynamic, creative, and very driven. Our focus is 100% on our customer getting the best possible product available.”

Chris Ohl – President/Managing Partner

Chris Ohl and Jim Castle founded Apache over 23 years ago and since its inception, he has been President. Chris comes from a family of entrepreneurs and helped to establish and maintain several profitable family-owned car wash businesses in the greater New York area in his early, pre-college years. In 1992, Apache was founded on the principles of superior service and pricing to the “little guy in the BIG OIL business”. Chris came to know almost every independent gasoline dealer in the NY metropolitan area. As the company grew through the early 1990’s, Chris realized what still is the foundation of the company today. “It’s amazing what a prompt call back and human intervention can create. As wonderful as they are, machines aren’t meant to replace personal conversations”. Apache continues to abide by this principal now with over 150 gas stations and a large commercial fueling business. Chris is a 1991 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA in Economics).

Tim Tracy – Chief Financial Officer, Apache

Joined Apache in 2014 as its Chief Financial Officer. Tim has a long history with Apache and the Castle family as their tax and accounting advisor. Tim’s background includes twenty-year’s public accounting experience, ultimately serving as an equity partner with Goldblatt Bokoff LLC and as a senior tax supervisor with Blum Shapiro, New England’s largest CPA firm. Tim is a licensed certified public accountant and a certified fraud examiner and is a 1994 graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Business Administration (BS in Accounting).

Faisal “Buck” Akram- Chief Operations Officer

Faisal Akram has been with Apache Fuels as Chief Operations Officer since 2010. Prior to joining Apache, Faisal owned and operated a small chain of his own retail gas stations. His knowledge of the retail fuels business is extremely broad-based and detailed. His areas of expertise include: fuel supply, station engineering/construction, environmental regulation and compliance, trucking, pricing, convenience store merchandising, and technology. Faisal was born in Lahore, Pakistan, lived in Saudi Arabia and immigrated to the US in 1999. He is a proud US citizen. He speaks Italian, Urdu, Arabic, Korean, and Tagalog. He enjoys bowhunting and Nascar. “This isn’t work or a job to me. I am lucky to be out everyday doing what I love to the best of my ability.”